The MaxxCAT (™)

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The MaxxCAT™ SB-series search appliance is targeted at small to mid-sized businesses who need a fast, inexpensive search solution to index web sites, intranets, file systems or document archives. The SB-series can easily index hundreds of thousands of documents, and provides simple set up and rapid retrieval.

Because of the ease of configuration, the appliance can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes. The SB-255 provides a great value combined with unrestricted licensing.

The MaxxCAT (™)


Frequently Asked Questions

How can dbWARE™ database appliances perform so incredibly fast and still provide all of the synchronization, recovery, and fail safe benefits?

We have the answers to all of those questions and more on our database FAQ page. Learn more about why dbWARE is the best database appliance for your environment.

Database Search Connector

Performance Test

One Hundred, one thousand, or ten thousand record insertions? If you want to see first hand how dbWARE handles snychronization and replication, check out our performance demo of a three node cluster running live in our national data centers.

Turbo Search Kit

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dbWARE is designed to self heal, self replicate, and offer dependable service, however, on those rare occasions when something does go wrong, there is no need to worry. You can submit a ticket to our support desk and someone will help you.


dbWARE™ has published a few select manuals on use and installation that offer a little more in-depth reading on incorporating database appliances. If you need or would like to read a litle more on how dbWARE interfaces with your data this page is for you.