The MaxxCAT (™)


Search Solutions

Big Data and data analytics are only as strong as the data itself. Structured data is organized and easily classifiable.Unstructured data provides a host of other challenges.

Research reports, campaign documents, and other text based archives are only useful if you can find what your looking for when you need it. MaxxCAT search appliances allows you to search through all of that content quickly with relevance.

The MaxxCAT (™)


Database Solutions

dbWARE's enterprise database appliances are the perfect solutions to your big data replication, back up, application performance and and other database challenges.

Structured data needs to be easily updated, transfered, and replicated in order to provide failback and failover protection. With geo-rackable nodes, boosting speed and adding peace of mind is as simple as adding another dbWARE node.

Hosting for Search and Database Appliances

MaxxCAT™ can provide complete hosted search solutions using your MaxxCAT™ or dbWARE™ appliances in one or more of our data centers.

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

Our managed hosting platforms allow you to focus on your business, and allow us to focus on getting the maximum performance and uptime from your enterprise search appliances or database appliances.

Nobody can host,tune or manage MaxxCAT and dbWARE appliances as well as the people who invented them.