EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

The MaxxCAT (™)


The industry's fastest performance, unlimited document capacity and support for websites, shares and databases.

All at a reasonable price.

The MaxxCAT EX-6005 is an enterprise grade search appliance with unmatched query speed and relevance. Easily configure to crawl a wide range of data sources and file types, and build customized search solutions quickly.

The EX-6005 has been designed from the ground up to provide fast relevant content from a myriad of data sources and to allow users to build rich user experiences for the fastest time-to-knowledge in the industry.

Upgrade your search today -- you will never look back.

The EX-6005 Includes

  • Open licensing, unlimited document count
  • Simple administration, including from mobile devices
  • JSON format output for high speed and rich UX searches
  • Software Updates at the click of a button
  • 1 Year of support with unlimited email
  • 1 Year Warranty

Search performance matters and uptime matters. Our powerful search appliances can grind through hundreds of thousands of complex queries per second, and can index multiple terrabytes per node.

Additional application specific connectors allow you to quickly connect diverse data sources across the enterprise to build a single, central search solution that delivers on crawl performance, query performance and relevance.

EX-6005 series appliances are built upon rock solid MaxxCAT search technology that has been delivering high quality results for billions of queries for more than a decade.

Extreme Performance

200,000 Queries Per Minute

Terabyte+ Collections

All in a 2U rack mountable appliance.

By providing hardware, software and support in a simple to use single source package, MaxxCAT customers can implement enterprise search solutions quickly and reliably.

Multiple Data Sources

MaxxCAT search appliances can index and retrieve data from multiple enterprise sources spread across databases, applications, LANS and WANS. Build rich, productive search experiences for your users that provide instant access to knowledge throughout the enterprise.

  • Simple crawl configuration
  • Flexible data extraction rules and pathways
  • Open standard JSON output to easily integrate with applications

Industry Leading Platform

MaxxCAT is the leading hardware based search solution, and has been delivering extreme performance in front of and behind the firewall for more than a decade.

Standardized Connectors are provided for dozens of file types including MS-Office, PDF, Linux, SharePoint, Oracle, SQLServer, mySQL and many more.

A Modular Platform

All MaxxCAT appliances run the same Operating System, Linux based MaxxCAT OS, and applications that you build for any appliance will port effortlessly to any MaxxcAT appliance, and scale into large cluster solutions and distributed solutions. Preserve your investment in search applications by building on the upward compatible and extensible MaxxCAT platform.

Rapid Deployment of Rich Search

Quickly leverage the power of MaxxCAT by incorporating its API into your existing or new applications. Queries are simple to create and results can be easily faceted, filtered and sorted in intuitive ways by users to quickly connect them with the information they need to be more productive.

Standard Rack Mountable Solution

The EX-5000s are rack-ready, and can be ordered pre-configured to drop directly onto your network or into an existing MaxxCAT cluster for instant uptime.


EX-5000s can be secured behind your firewall to prevent any type of unauthorized access and can trim search results so that even authorized users only see the data to which they are entitled.

Powerful API

EX-5000s support the MaxxCAT query API, and in addition to serving queries and crawling vast data stores, can be administered from a browser or a mobile device. Every function of the MaxxCAT appliance can be controlled through the API, including event triggered crawling, load balancing, back up, failover and fail-back.

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Technical Specifications


Base Price $18,995
Dimensions 3.5" H x 19.0" W x 15.35" D
Executed QPM 200,000
Maximum Searchable Documents Unlimited
Index Storage 4TB+
Index Speed 4,500 MB/Minute
Simultaneous Crawls 64
Load Balancing
Mirrored Index Storage
Ethernet 1 Gigabit
Rack Size 2U-8U
(120v USA, 220v Euro)
Dual 500 Watt
Data Formats HTML
Many others

Data Faceting

Data Filtering


Turbo Kit

Mirrored Index Storage

BobCAT Database Connector

All sales are final. Appliances returned unused and unopened in their original packaging within 30 days are subject to a 20% restock fee and require prior approval from MaxxCAT.