The MaxxCAT (™)


The MaxxCAT™ SB-series search appliance is targeted at small to mid-sized businesses who need a fast, inexpensive search solution to index web sites, intranets, file systems or document archives. The SB-series can easily index hundreds of thousands of documents, and provides simple set up and rapid retrieval.

Because of the ease of configuration, the appliance can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes. The SB-255 provides a great value combined with unrestricted licensing.

The MaxxCAT (™)


The MaxxCAT™ EX-Series of enterprise search appliances is a scalable solution for larger organizations that require advanced features like High Availability, Clustering and database or application integration.

MaxxCAT's state of the art integrated hardware and software solution provides unmatched performance at a very attractive price point of $9,995 for an entry level server capable of indexing millions of documents at 2,540 MB/minute and executing a blazing 100,000 Queries per Minute (QPM).

Search Connectors

The MaxxCAT™ BobCAT SQL Connector allows MaxxCAT appliances to connect to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL and other ODBC databases.

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

The MaxxCAT Lynx Connector is an open data path directly into the MaxxCAT Enterprise Search appliances that allows developers, integrators and connector foundries to interface with the high speed MaxxCAT search appliances.

Database Search Connector

Hosted Search

MaxxCAT™ can provide complete hosted search solutions using your MaxxCAT appliances in one or more of our data centers.

Our managed search platforms allow you to focus on your business, and allow us to focus on getting the maximum performance and uptime from your enterprise search appliances. Nobody can host, tune or manage MaxxCAT appliances as well as the people who invented them.

Turbo Search Kit

Turbo Kit

The MaxxCAT™ optional Turbo kit can boost the performance of the EX Series appliance to amazing new levels. Built with upgraded SDD hard drives and specialized drivers, we can increase the performance by up to 4x.

If you have extremely large volumes of data, add a turbo kit to your EX Series MaxxCAT for increased capabilities.

High Performance, High Speed Enterprise Search

Fastest search appliances in the industry, capable of serving 10's of thousands of user queries per minute.

Our optimized hardware easily processes big query loads on large data sets instantly. Advanced features, easy integration and JSON based API backed with direct manufacturer support and professional services.

Scalable Performance Databases

Crawl websites, intranets, file systems and databases from a simple GUI control. Flexibly create heterogeneous collections, set crawl schedules, and establish rules for including / excluding data in the index.

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

Rapid crawl cycles and high performance indexing bring the freshest data to your searchers, automatically.

Excellent natural relevance combined with meta data, search-as-you type (SAYT), faceting, and query suggestions lead users to information they want.

Easy GUI configuration to bring important documents to the top of searches, integrate external systems and additional XML and meta-data based cues.

Easily Customizable

GUI QuickStart feature allows you to quickly create and search data from any source in minutes. Full set of administrative functions available from GUI or API, and basic collections can be created in less than 5 minutes. Built in self monitoring, load balancing and failover, nothing to set.

Use our default templates, or easily customize your search with our developer friendly architecture. Easily integrates with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, .NET, Perl and other frameworks. Output, relevance, filtering, faceting and archiving are easily modified to meet user preferences.

Hosted Search Servers