The MaxxCAT (™)

Search Appliances

MaxxCATâ„¢ enterprise search appliances are a scalable solution for organizations that require advanced features like high availability, clustering and database or application integration. MaxxCAT's state of the art integrated hardware and software solution provides unmatched performance at a very attractive price point.

The SB series starts at 3,495 for small business. The EX Series starts at just $9,995 for a server capable of indexing millions of documents at 2,540 MB/minute and executing a blazing 100,000 Queries per Minute (QPM).

The MaxxCAT (™)

Database Appliances

MaxxCAT has created a new breakthrough technology: dbWARE (Write Anywhere, Read Everywhere). An elegantly simple solution to a complex synchronization and reliability problem.

These high performance, high availability database appliances can be placed in multiple locations for maximum performance and redundancy, and can continue to operate during power outages, network failures and disk crashes. The dbWARE database replication appliance is a high end database designed to speed up data transfer and boost performance.

High Performance, High Speed Enterprise Search

Fastest search appliances in the industry, capable of serving 10's of thousands of user queries per minute.

Our optimized hardware easily processes big query loads on large data sets instantly. Advanced features, easy integration and JSON based API backed with direct manufacturer support and professional services.

Scalable Performance Databases

Our dbWARE nodes are geo rackable. Which means that you can plug on into a data center anywhere in the world on your network, and it will immediately.

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

find all of the other dbWARE nodes and begin to auto synchronize and perform with the other databases.

Our nodes are so fast that they even write mySQL faster that native mySQL servers, over LAN or WAN. You can acheive near LAN speeds over WAN networks.