Senior Storage Developer

Position ID 15-533

Work on expanding the kernel of one of the highest performance storage appliances in the industry. Applicant will have strong Linux & C development skills with proficiency in socket programming, system calls, multi- threading,parallelism, multi-homing, device drivers and code optimization techniques.

Senior Network Developer

Position ID 15-534

Work on the continual optimization of the network layer across MaxxCAT's entire product line. C/Linux development, sockets, compression algorithms, security and wire bandwidth and latency optimization experience in both the WAN and LAN environments.

Senior Developer

Position ID 15-531

Linux, C and machine language guru to work on MaxxCAT's™ proprietary and state of the art search kernel. Experience in enterprise search, distributed systems, high performance SQL architectures and column stores. Ability to devise new and improve existing algorithms, data structures and architectures. Phd or Masters in Computer Science required. Compensation is based upon experience, bonus for performance..

Junior Developer

Position ID 15-532

Web developer with 5 years experience in SQL, JavaScript, C to assist in build-out of MaxxCAT kernel, to work on client integration projects, and to enhance front end connectors for MaxxCAT search appliances. Degree in Computer Science and prior related experience required. Compensation is based upon experience, bonus for performance.