The MaxxCAT (™)


Starting at $9,995

Upgrade your Google Enterprise Search to the high performance EX-5005 and save $500 off the full retail price. As a bonus for switching from Google Search Appliances, we will give you three hours of Integration Service Group time for free. Also included is our standard 1yr hardware and support warranty.

The MaxxCAT (™)


Starting at $4,495

The MaxxCAT SB-355 is a direct replacement/upgrade to the Google Mini. With all around better performance, the SB-355 integrates well with all of the features you've come to love with the Google Mini, all at a lower cost of ownership. To sweeten the deal, we'll throw in 3 free hours of integration service time, that's a $450 dollar value!

A complete solution to replace your Google Search Appliance.

The MaxxCAT solution includes all hardware, software and support from a single vendor with 15 years of experience in serving the enterprise search market. You can locate your MaxxCAT appliance in your data center with the assurance that only a hardware solution can provide: that your data and backend systems are secure and not connected to the cloud or the increasingly hackable internet.

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

Just like the GSA, the MaxxCAT securely crawls your data from a wide variety of sources including websites, databases, applications, SharePoints and network fileshares and indexes them to provide fast relevant search results to your users. Even though Google has obsoleted their own GSA technology, MaxxCAT can preserve your investment in the configuration and UX that you have built around the Google Search appliance and allow you to re-use crawl configurations, search forms, feeds and connectors.

In addition to solving the problems created for you business by the discontinuation of the GSA, MaxxCAT actually delivers better performance at a lower price point than the Google GSA.

Index Databases

MaxxCAT can also do unstructured queries against structured data sources like databases including mySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQLServer. Through our innovative BobCAT SQL Connector, you can tap into enterprise applications and databases to increase the range of the content searched by MaxxCAT and build rich search experiences and productivity gains for your users

Powerful Website and Intranet Search

Replacing your GSA web search or intranet search is as easy as copying configurations from the GSA to the MaxxCAT EX Series of appliances and recrawling the data. MaxxCAT has the same crawl rules
(REQUIRE, EXCLUDE, Regular Expression) as GSA so you can accurately collect the same content as your GSA does. And MaxxCAT delivers highly relevant search results, but is even faster than the existing Google Search Appliances.

Turnkey Conversion

The MaxxCAT search appliances can easily import configurations, crawl rules and search pages to make your upgrade from Google GSA to MaxxCAT Search a simple and straightforward process.

The first step is to import your configurations so that MaxxCAT crawls the same data sources as the GSA it is replacing. Once the MaxxCAT is crawling, it is very simple to use the MaxxCAT API and JSON output connect your existing search results pages to be powered by MaxxCAT.

Database Search Connector

Hassle Free Integration

MaxxCAT's™ Integration Services Group staff is intimately familiar with MaxxCAT search appliances, configuration parameters and API, as well as best practices for the integration of our technology into information infrastructures.

The Google Mini Replacment Program includes three hours with our ISG staff to get your new search appliance up and running with minimal hassle and less stress on your IT department. Click here to learn more about ISG.

Turbo Search Kit

Making You Happy

At MaxxCAT, we are dedicated to making our customers happy. We do this by providing lightning fast search appliances at attractive price points.

With our high-level of performance and dedicated integration services team, we can make your implementation of a search solution a rewarding and hassle-free experience.

Better Performance

The MaxxCAT EX-5005 and SB-355 enterprise search appliances are scalable solutions for basic search and advanced features like High Availability, Clustering and database or application integration. Our integrated hardware and software solution provides performance and price unmatched by competitors. Executing a blazing 5,000 Queries per Minute (QPM) against a 500GB index storage, the SB-355 is a sound choice for many organizations.

For more intense environments, the highly configurable storage, performance and clustering means the The MaxxCAT EX-5005 is ready to meet your organization's needs. The optional Turbo kit can boost the performance of the appliance even higher. MaxxCAT's open architecture and standard connectors allow connections to databases, applications and other appliances. The EX-5005 creates a unified enterprise search across all areas.

Hosted Search Servers

MaxxCAT EX-5000


QPM 12,500 - 25,000 300
Documents Unlimited Up to 300,000
Output Simple, JSON Complex XML/XSLT
Collections Unlimited One
Data Third Party Sources Single Source