The MaxxCAT (™)


Performance Solutions

mySQL is a popular database and not only does dbWARE integrate seamlessly into any mySQL environment.It works natively with your mySQL applications at a kernel level. Pure compatibility and boosted performance.

dbWARE increases performance so much than your data performance will achieve near LAN speeds over long distance WAN networks. Only dbWARE can perform synchronous writes this fast.

The MaxxCAT (™)


Integration Services Group

MaxxCAT's™ Integration Services Group provide resources for your organization to build extreme performance enterprise search solutions. The ISG staff is the same team involved in the development of all our search appliances.

So, they are intimately familiar with the full line of MaxxCAT appliances, configuration parameters and API, as well as best practices for the integration of our technology into information infrastructures.

Catastrophic Immunity - Geo-Rackable Nodes

Anaylzing your data to extract those gleaming tidbits of information that give you the competitve edge in your market requires skill and thought.

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

Even more so, it requires that all of your data be available and live in order to analyze it. MaxxCAT dbWARE keeps all of your databases current and insync so you always have the latest and most revlevant data avaialble. dbWARE™ can provide complete hosted database solutions using your dbWARE appliances in one or more of our data centers.

Three geographically diverse installations will allow your corporation to achieve the desired 6 sigma up time and the ability to survive catastrophic disasters or complete failure of a single data center.

Our managed database platforms allow you to focus on your business, and allow us to focus on getting the maximum performance and uptime from your enterprise database appliances. Nobody can host, tune or manage dbWARE appliances as well as the people who invented them.