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SiteCrafting Inc., Publishes a Blog Article About MaxxCAT Pro Tips

March 16, 2015

SiteCrafting published a blog article last week discussing a few tips to focus your MaxxCAT search queries using Crawl Limiting, Meta-Tag Filtering, and by Specifying Snippets.

MaxxCAT extends GSA Replacement Program for Google Search Appliance Users

July 30, 2013

Interest in MaxxCAT’s GSA replacement program, including the company’s high performance search appliances with a lower cost and perpetual license as well as great customer service, has lead to continuation of the program.

MaxxCAT Extends Educational Buyers Program, Bringing Search and Service to Educational Institutions

September 24, 2013

Popular MaxxCAT program will continue to bring the high-performance enterprise search and top-quality customer service to budget and resources strapped educational institutions.

MaxxCAT Hopes to Bring Search Appliances to Nonprofit Organizations with NPO Buyers Program

June 18, 2013

MaxxCAT program designed to provide high-performance enterprise search to resource and budget strapped nonprofit organizations.

MaxxCAT EX-Series of Enterprise Search Appliances Enhanced with Upgraded Storage and Performance

May 22, 2013

MaxxCAT’s series of enterprise search appliances now include high availability Index Storage on all configurations, providing redundancy and peace of mind.

MaxxCAT Courts Google Search Appliance Users with GSA Replacement Program

May 01, 2013

MaxxCAT search appliance’s higher performance,lower cost and perpetual license combine with great customer service and support for an attractive alternative to the Google Search Appliance. With the addition of four hours of integration assistance, the GSA Replacement Program eases the transition.

MaxxCAT Upgrades Search Appliance Features for Smoother Google Mini Replacement

April 25, 2013

Latest OS for MaxxCAT search appliances responds to customer requests, adds easy synonyms and promoted results to well-rounded feature set.

MaxxCAT Program Provides Google Mini Owners with Smooth Transition to a Replacement Search Appliance

April 01, 2013

MaxxCAT's reintroduces the Google Mini Replaqcement Program, combining fast, cot-effective search appliances with expert integration services for drop-in Mini replacement