The MaxxCAT (™)

BobCAT SQL Connector

The MaxxCAT BobCAT SQL Connector allows MaxxCAT appliances to connect directly to SQL databases and to extract relevant information for high performance full text retrieval, and simultaneous searching across other data sources. The BobCAT Connector can be configured to interact with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL and other ODBC databases.

The results returned from the BobCAT connector can be integrated into web pages, applications, or other systems that use the search appliance as a compute server performing the specialized function of high performance search across large data sets.

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

The MaxxCAT (™)

LYNX API Connector

The MaxxCAT Lynx Connector is an open data path directly into the MaxxCAT Enterprise Search appliances that allows developers, integrators and connector foundries to interface with the high speed MaxxCAT search appliances. The connector consists of two components, the input bytestream and a subset of the MaxxCAT API that controls the processing of collections and the appliance.

Enterprise Intelligence

In addition to indexing raw data, The BobCAT connector provides the capability for raw integrators to index.

business intelligence and back office systems from disparate applications, and can grant the enterprise user a single portal of access to data coming from customer management, ERP or proprietary systems.

Because the BobCAT connector is tightly integrated with the MaxxCAT appliances, the task of establishing crawls, and customizing output is straight forward and accessible using industry standard tools such as JSON, HTML and SQL. For additional information contact

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

Applied To Your Data

There are many applications of the Lynx Connector, including building plugins and connector modules that connect MaxxCAT to external software systems, document formats and proprietary cloud or application infrastructure.

EX-Series Enterprise Search Appliance

Users of the Lynx Connector have a straightforward path to take advantage of MaxxCAT's specialized and high performance retrieval engine in building solutions

Developers interested in building applications around the Lynx Connector framework should contact MaxxCAT for additional information, development hardware and support resources at

BobCAT and LYNX Connectors are easily added to your EX-Series at checkout.