Enterprise Database
  • Self Healing - Self Replicating
  • Instant Propagation
  • Works with mySQL Applications
  • Stand Alone Database
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability

The MaxxCAT (™)



The DB-8000 running on MaxxCAT's own breakthrough WARE technology, is perfect for enterprises with a large number of databases that need high availability, and fast data synchronization. With speeds in excess of 100,000 transactions per second, continuous updates of database content is no problem. All nodes auto-failover/failback and self-heal so your data is always live without the need to worry about downtime.

MaxxCAT dbWARE is an enterprise grade database, rack mountable appliance that solves complex synchronizaton and reliablity problems that plaque other, more limited database solutions.

If new content is added to any node, it appears instantly on the other nodes. If a database is updated, the update is reliably propagated to all other dbWARE nodes, even if the nodes are connected by different speed WANS or LANS. The dbWARE appliances can be located in the same rack, or in different areas of the world. The connections between WARE nodes are WAN optimized, encrypted, and fault tolerant.

Multi-node scalable redundancy over LANS or WANS. With MaxxCAT dbWARE appliances, achieving high availability, disaster recovery, and increased throughput is as easy as racking a new node, anywhere in the world.

Write Anywhere

Writing to any dbWARE node self replicates the write to all other nodes. This means that you can have your website served by servers in multiple geographic locations or cloud points with no more complexity than managing a single web server.

Replicating a database at multiple locations is as simple as installing a dbWARE node -- all writes to all nodes are replicated at all other nodes. Client applications are aware of only one database and all of the write synchronization happens under the hood, without needing specialized programming or modifications.

Read Everywhere

Applications, websites and databases with heavy read loads can have instant performance increases by distributing load across multiple WARE nodes.

Read performance is enhanced by parallelism even across WAN connected WARE nodes. Client reads, whether they are file reads, database reads, or web services occur at the closest, fastest available WARE node to the client.

Technical Specifications


Base Price $19,995
File Storage 2TB - 16TB
Users Per Node 500
Transactions per Minute 100,000
Ethernet 10 Gigabit
Raid Controller
Dual Power
Turbo Option (4x Performance)
Rack Size 2U
Power (120 V USA, 220 V Euro) 500 Watt